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i decide to go on live journal. why? out of bordom i suppose. doo da doo. things are good. livin in steven's square and have a bf. still at the co-op and at mctc. if anyone ever reads this. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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ive missed some school and i'm nervous about my grades. yup thats about it.
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The Pain of the World is in Our Shoes
Katy S

nobody knows you
not even me
it's hard to imagine
and harder to see

they think that you're crazy
you stutter your words
you live in a tin cup
but wait it gets worse

lies are your casing
anger's your seal
look into emptiness
sense what you feel

when you are hateful
you're hating yourself
you might just be empty
inside your shell

you cling to your darkness
but won't go away
if you tell me your story
i guess you can stay

you grow into knowing
just who you will be
never too sure
if it's what others see

you try to imagine
you have all you need
somehow you don't
now turns to greed

you put up your wall
now put up your guard
learn to be narrow
falling so hard

you put your mind to it
you make us believe
look in my eyes
to put me at ease

now the world is so fucked up
and we're all fucked up too
everyone's on something
and there's no more food

but leave me a road sign
perched in a feild
you're saying you're different
you're saying you're real

billions of people
infinitely unique
endless possibilities
made bitter and weak

time is a reminder
the only truth to be found
lies in the future
the past is now gone

but only the past
gives truth to us now
abolish the rules!
let's show them how

light up a candle
and hand me the match
keep on believing
the world is a hat

or maybe the world
is simply your shoes
and we are all wearing them
under the same moon
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i'm so fucking glad this yeaR IS OVER. 2007 FUCKING SUCKED! i think this year will be better. i have a feeling it will. now my head can let go of everything this year and i can look to the future. hopefully i will keep improving myself and hopefully i can help the world get better this year too. woo hoo new years.....
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